Who we are

Wander and Wonder is offering a mobile workshop that comes to you. Workshops are held for two hours allowing children to connect and to collaborate in small groups engaging with enjoyable learning and creative activities.


Our project was formed by a fun, passionate, and experienced early childhood teacher professionals with a vision to inspire children’s lives. We aim to provide a safe platform for children to engage in high-quality creative projects. We will come along with every resource requires and offer ideas for children to create, play, and experiment.


We host a variety of programs that suit your needs: ‘In house care’,  Parent’s gathering, Church events, Team building events,  Family day out, Corporate events, Birthday party, Community events.

Pastel Strokes


Founder & Relationship Manager

This is Stella! Stella studied Bachelor of Education that enables her to pursue her passion. Stella has been working with children for more than  6 years and she has worked with children who are culturally and linguistically diverse in different age groups, including babies, toddlers, preschool, kindy, and school-age children.

She is currently working full time as a preschool room leader and also an educational leader at an early childhood service at Sydney CBD.

Through Wander & Wander Stella believes that she can pursue her passion in providing creative spaces for children to explore and develop while giving parents/families a chance to rest and find balance in their life.

Leaves Falling


Founder & Operational Manager

This is Theresinni! Theresinni had Bachelor of Psyhology degree and is currently working towards Diploma of Early Childhood. People call her Sinni, for the past 4 years exploring the early childhood industry both in Indonesia and Sydney has made her realise what her passions really are.


Theresinni loves working with children and she feels like she is living her dream life, so through Wander & Wonder, she is excited to make every child experience activities that involves learning and fun at the same time. Theresinni's interest in arts and crafts has enabled her to come up with creative art experience ideas for our workshops.

Boat on a Lake


Founder & Relationship Manager

This is Vania! For the past 7 years, Vania has explored and experienced different roles such as being a casual educator, an early childhood teacher, a room leader and also an educational leader. Vania is currently working as an early childhood teacher in 3 to 4 years old room in one of the early childhood services in Sydney.

Vania believes that every child has the right to learn, explore, discover and investigate the environment around them and also to be loved! That’s exactly what she wants the children to experience in Wander&Wonder, where they can explore their ideas and imagination without anyone stopping them. Not only focusing on children’s learning and development, but she also wants to provide a reliable and loving platform for families, where they don’t have to worry about their children.